Sunday, November 27, 2011

Snuggled in Round the Christmas Tree

The family rolled out of town yesterday, leaving the three of us to enjoy the gorgeous day.  Excited to be able to get outside without major rain gear, we decided to start the first of our Christmas traditions as a family of three.

This is the ninth Christmas that Nick and I have shared together and the third since we've been married.  Although both of our families growing up waited until December got going to start celebrating Christmas, he and I like to get it going early.  Especially since we have seldom spent the holidays at our own place.  But we usually head to a lot to get a pre-cut tree.   Not this year.  We decided to go on a drive out of town to a tree farm to cut our own tree.

Our little outdoor enthusiast was certainly up to the challenge.

After some walking around we found our perfect tree.  A "natural" noble, not too full or bushy, but not quite a "Charlie Brown" tree either, I'd say it's our best tree yet.  And my own handy man cut it down himself by hand, despite the guy with the chainsaw at the ready.

After carrying the tree back, we stopped at the farm house to enjoy a cup of cider and make some Christmas ornaments for Cora.

Yes, classy, I know.

Luckily I am a fan of trees decked with multicolored lights and an eclectic selection of ornaments.

Today our rainy Northwest weather is again beating against the windows, and we are snugged in from the damp, listening to the "Baby it's Cold Outside" station on Pandora, cleaning up the last of the messes from the holiday, dealing with leftovers and decorating the house.

A little wistful that the weekend is ending and that we'll be starting up our routines again tomorrow. But warm and happy and ready to start celebrating Cora's first Christmas season.


  1. Cozy! Love the pictures and enjoy your holiday season Leah!

  2. Aw, love it! I need to post our Christmas tree pics (but it's a fakey).

  3. What a great tradition. It won't be too long before she'll be decorating her own ornament.

  4. Yay to good weather!!! Perfect for finding Cora's first Christmas tree! Take special care of those will cherish them forever!!! Cora is such a cutie...she looks like she was having a ball!

  5. Wow! You are really on top of things- decorated and everything- beautiful!

  6. Beautiful! I'm jealous that you can go somewhere other than Home Depot for a tree!


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