Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Of Mended Hearts

This time of year it is natural to reflect on the things we are thankful for.

And today, I got to do just that with a visit to Cora's cardiologist.  She was last seen 6 months ago and had her heart surgery 7 months ago already.  Her doctor confirmed what he said the last time we saw him: that her repair is ideal and that she looks wonderful.  We don't go back for a year, and then probably every 5 years or so beyond that.

Quite the amazing transformation from the little pale baby who could barely eat or breathe.

And I am so so grateful to her cardiologist and to her incredible surgeon, and to everyone else who has cared for our girl.

I am also happy to report that Miss McKenzie, who had her own open heart surgery yesterday, is doing well. Her mother says that everything went very well with no complications, and that she is wiggling around today.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for this little sweetie.  Now we just hope that she continues to heal and recover with no significant hurdles along the way so that she and her family can head home soon.

No new cute pics since yesterday, due to our super busy day, so how about an oldie but cutie?  This one's from 4 month old Cora, just about 6 weeks after her surgery.  What a pretty girl...

And if you missed yesterday's post, you can still go there to leave a comment and be entered to win a super-cute customized Christmas ornament.  The winner will be announced on Friday.


  1. What wonderful news Leah. I can't believe 7 months have passed already since her surgery. time truely does fly! Cora is one tough little girl :)

  2. Great updates! :) Continued prayers for healthy hearts!

  3. So glad you had a great appointment!

  4. Glad to hear you had a good cardio appointment and so happy to hear McKenzie's surgery went well! The transformation from heart baby to post heart surgery is staggering! I am still shocked sometimes just by the words "my daughter had open heart surgery". It still seems surreal! Cora is definitely thriving post-surgery!


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