Saturday, October 17, 2015

Day 17- Apples!

Today, for our third year, we went to the apple festival at our local nursery.

The kids get to run giggling through the aisles and dance to live music.  They get to paint pumpkins, and then play with hula hoops after making silly faces through carnival cutouts. 


For the first time today we actually waited in the line to taste about 50 varieties of apple.  So worth waiting in the line, even with two small kids yelling "apple!" (or in Ruby's case, "uppuh!")  We bought quite a few pounds of apples, in all different varieties.  I'm looking forward to tossing a few of the sweet little organic baking apples into a crisp this afternoon.

It's always a lovely way to spend a couple of hours on a beautiful fall day.

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  1. We went to the apple orchard last week too. I'm going to whip up some of that apple crisp tonight. My girls will be so excited!


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