Friday, October 2, 2015

Day 2- Buddy Walk

Two weekends ago we walked in our 5th Buddy Walk.  It may have been one of the sweetest, most laid-back and lovely walks yet.

The sky shone brightly on us all as we walked alongside friends and family in support and solidarity.  

It was a blast.  Cora enjoyed the festivities from the comfort of the wagon at times, and at others jumped out to march along or dance when the music moved her.  Elsa and Anna came and sang, and Cora sat in her Grammie's lap belting out the words to her beloved songs.  At one point a woman came up to my mom and told her how she had not been able to stop watching Cora all day... that she was so luminous and bright.  It is so true.

And there's just something about looking around a crowd and seeing so many individuals with Down syndrome. It's not unusual to be in a crowd and suddenly think about how rare it really is to run into others with Ds out and about in the world... to feel like your child and your family stands out.

So having moments when you can look around and see so many others with extra chromosomes and their families and supporters is really just one of the best kinds of warm fuzzies. Knowing that we are all there to openly and proudly proclaim our love and our pride, and our desire to better this world... it's a pretty amazing thing.

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