Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In Real Life

You know those things that happen that you're really excited about, and you can't wait to get photos to show that it really happened?

Yeah, well that happened to me today.

I got to meet some celebrities.  Cora, Ruby and I went out and caught a kids' music show with none other than Moxie, Meriah, Micah and Mac from A Little Moxie.  And yesterday Ruby and I met them for just a few minutes at the local science museum.

I would have loved to get a picture of all the kids together, and definitely of Moxie with Cora. But all I really got to show for it is a few fuzzy photos of Cora at home modeling the awesome shirt that Meriah made and gave to her, showcasing the three 21st chromosomes. And a picture of Moxie and Cora avoiding one another and the camera.

But during our actual meet-up my camera was having problems, and it honestly seemed like too much work to try to get the kids in a photo together, since Cora was avoiding getting too close and was trying to continually escape out the door, and I had a baby strapped to my chest.

Kind of sad to have no photographic proof.  But very happy to actually meet someone in person that I've been following since Cora was a wee baby, someone whose writing and perspective and adventures have stretched me and inspired me and broadened my thoughts.  And someone who is just a really cool woman, someone I'd love to get to spend more time with in real life.  We spent a couple hours wrangling kiddos, chasing them around a ballroom and then corralling them in the rain, and talking over it all.

Their family is off to new adventures and will be hitting the road to head south to warmer lands for the winter.  But I was pretty happy that their current adventures had them spending some time in Portland, and that I got to meet one of my online friends in real life.

Cora showing off her new designer duds with a dance!

OK, I wasn't going to share, but here it is:  my sad, sad photo of Cora with the lovely Moxie.  Pretty bad.  Hopefully the ones Meriah took turned out a little better.

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