Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Girls

I seem to be afloat in a sea of ups and downs these days.  One minute I am in awe and pure bliss over the sweetness of my two favorite girls.

And others, it's all I can do not to scream and shut myself in the bathroom with a bottle of wine shortly past lunch.

Parenting is a tough gig.  And it's definitely made tougher by sleep deprivation, a full schedule and a need to make money on top.  But it's still pretty sweet a lot of the time.

Take these girls, for example.

They seem to be pretty into one another.  Cora loves to help with her baby sister, and even if that takes the form of trying to wake her up once I finally have her asleep for more than a 10 minute nap, it's pretty darn adorable.  Seeing Ruby's big grins up at her sister, or Cora walking up to me with my baby sling dangling to her ankles as she insists that I put Ruby into it....  well, what could be better than that?

Cora is adjusting pretty well.  She is mostly very happy to have Ruby around.  But she does have her moments of frustration and lashing out at Ruby.  And she certainly has her moments of lashing out at me.  Luckily she has recently started preschool, so she has something else to do that is fully focused on her, and for that I am grateful.  But it's tough not getting to be the center of Mom's world all the time.  So I try and give her a little slack, when I can find it in me.

Overall, she is quite a trooper.  And she's really turning into such a big girl.  Where did my baby go?


  1. When Charlie was only a month old, Rachel turned three and started pre k. It was a break until a month later when she got sick and the three of us stayed sick until spring. Miserable. I get how tough it is. I was depressed. Rachel may have been the age of three but she did not act like a three year old. She was still very much a needy baby in her own way. Charlie cried all the time. If you are feeling stressed and at the end if your rope some dates, don't be afraid to send out an SOS. There are plenty of us out here who GET it. No judgement, just love.

  2. I just love the photos of the girls! Cora's smile while holding Ruby is just perfect. I'm sorry the adjustment period is a little rough all around. Hopefully you'll find your groove!

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