Friday, October 3, 2014

Sleeping Babes

There is something so precious about a sleeping child, right?

As I sit here watching Cora eat grapes, Ms. Ruby is having a rare departure from her 10 minute naps, and has been sleeping for over three hours.

At one point this afternoon, the three of us lay stretched out on my California king bed, me wedged between two small little girlies, one of them snoring loudly while the other whimpered and reached for me with tiny little fingers.

So sweet, so sweet.

Sometimes I am happy that I still lay down with Cora when she goes to sleep.  I still get a chance to snuggle her smallness, after the wiggles and the protests and the shrieks have died down.  I get to touch her soft hair, and cover her with her blankets and give her a kiss and feel that intense piercing feeling of love for a moment that feels longer than the moments in the rest of the day.  Because those moments these days are interrupted by a crying hungry baby, or a toddler that desperately wants something but refuses (or is unable) to tell me what that is.

Those moments just don't linger as long as they used to when Cora was a baby sleeping easily in my arms.

I can't go back in time.  With Cora it is clear we are marching forward, even at a mysterious pace.  Ruby too is growing and changing and showing us that this infancy phase won't last that much longer.  But she's still my sweet baby girl, and I am trying to soak it all up... knowing this will be the last of my babies to sleep in my arms.

Ooops, I think I hear Ruby waking up.  And I am being summoned to come with yogurt.  Good thing I am a mom and I can do a million things at once.

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