Sunday, October 12, 2014

Looking Back

Today I started scrolling through old photos of me and Cora, still thinking about wanting to focus more on capturing moments with my daughters on camera.

Just looking through the first year or so of photos of Cora's life, I am definitely there, even if it's not very frequent.  I seldom loved any photos of us together, but looking back at them now, it's so beautiful to see.  The beauty is obvious in my sweet girl, of course, but it's also there in the two of us. 

The beauty is even in the pain.  Loving so much most definitely can hurt, especially in those moments of fear and worry and suffering.

I am so happy that I can have the chance to look back.  To see myself falling in love through the camera's eye.  To see myself changed into the mother that I have become.  To see me in these moments with my girl

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