Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 4 Post Op - Waiting to Go Home

Day 4 after her surgery is going by pretty smoothly.  We were hoping they'd let us go today, but her blood tests showed low potassium levels again, so they want to keep her for one more day to monitor it.  They're not giving her any more potassium, so I guess it's not a really big deal, but they just want to monitor it.

She had her oxygen cannula taken out yesterday afternoon, and her O2 stats have been in the upper 90s.  Quite remarkable.

She had a fussy evening yesterday and has been intermittently fussy today.  They're keeping on top of her pain medication, so it's hard to know whether she's experiencing pain or discomfort or if it's something else.  She does seem to cry more easily in general and has started sticking out her lower lip when she's unhappy, which is ridiculously cute, even though it means she's not too happy.  Hoping that once we're at home she'll feel better about everything.  Rather than here, when people keep coming by to poke and prod her at regular intervals.

We're basically just waiting, hanging out with Cora, feeding her full bottles, which she continues to take with no problems, and trying to get some sleep in between.

It's so hard to believe how different life already is and will continue to be.  We can't wait to be home to get to start living it again on our own.

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  1. Sounds like she is doing so well (and too cute!). Maybe her fussiness is just wanting to be out of there and sleeping in her own bed. I hope she's home tomorrow (for everyones sake)


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