Monday, April 11, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I am pleased to report that Cora was discharged today and we are now at home.  Such a happy day!  I have nevertheless shed a number of tears.  Hard to believe that this is behind us now.

Little girlie seems to be wavering between grumpy girl with a lot of tears (she appears to have newfound energy for crying, among other things) and a ton of smiles. Sometimes she stops crying to smile at me, which is odd, but adorable.  I'll have to work on getting some new pictures of her smiles, and some of her newly arrived pouty lower lip.

Right now Nick is finishing feeding her and she is inexplicably upset.  Hope she's not uncomfortable, but she's still taking her pain medication, so that shouldn't be it.

I am looking forward to a restful night, so hopefully she'll calm down and we can enjoy our evening.

Thanks to everyone for all their love and support.  I will plan to post more after a little rest.


  1. Leah, We will keep little Cora & your family in our prayers, she is a beautiful, darling baby girl.

  2. Doing the "Happy Dance" for you!!
    LOTS of love XOXO Dana & Neil


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