Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just Kidding!

We've had a somewhat surprising turn of events today.  After checking her in this morning and shedding a few tears, we were waiting to hear our first update, when along came our Nurse Case Manager to tell us that Cora's surgery had to be postponed.  There was another baby in critical condition that required emergency surgery, and since Cora's surgeon is THE pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon, they had to see the other baby.

Sadly, while waiting for Cora we happened to see the other baby go by in a bed with a LOT of people surrounding the poor little thing, one of them performing CPR.  Worried for the poor little thing and hoping that the little one pulls through OK.

But in the meantime, Cora's surgery has been re-scheduled for tomorrow.  She was already under anesthesia and a central line was put in, which is still in.  She's been admitted to the pediatric floor in the interim, so we're just hanging out and waiting now.  They must have intubated her, because while they were re-dressing her central line wound, her poor little cries were so hoarse.

Since she had gone for about 8 hours without food, we just gave her a whole bottle of Pedialyte, which she hungrily sucked down.  The nurse suggested we start with that to make sure she can tolerate the liquid post-anesthesia and then we'll resume breastmilk in a couple of hours.

Thank goodness we had the foresight to not freeze all of yesterday's breastmilk.  And unfortunately, since mama has decided to be medicated through this process, I am forced to pump and dump.  Probably until Wednesday at this point.  But we have enough fresh milk to get her through until 3am tonight, then she'll be on an IV tomorrow, and will hopefully start up milk again within a day or two post surgery.

We are thankful that she's just able to rest and relax today.  Hopefully we will also be able to rest while in the hospital, since not a lot of sleep has been had in the past few days.  A little catch up would be great, but not sure how well that will go in a hospital room, which we'll be sharing with another little one, we just learned.

Thanks for following along.  We will keep the updates coming.  And continued good thoughts are welcome still.  Also for the other little one in emergency surgery downstairs.  Fingers crossed for the poor little babe.

Picture of getting her ready for the first attempt at starting surgery: Washing her chest for 3 minute with a special wipe

Cute little patient girl!

In her gown and ready to go!

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  1. Wow! And you have to do it again tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you. I hope that other baby does ok too. Kamdyn has had very little complications from her heart defect. I do feel very fortunate for that. Praying your little one does great tomorrow and for peace for you.


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