Sunday, February 19, 2012

Better and Better

Little Beanie was taken off the high-flow cannula last night is on regular low-flow oxygen now!  Go Cora!  Her doc was just in and said her lungs sound much better. 

She is nursing well and is not showing signs of aspirating, thank God.

Everything is improving.  They expect us to get out of the PICU to the pediatric floor today, where she'll continue to be treated with Cpap and antibiotics.  Her pain seems under control, so that's good.

She's alert but pretty serious, although we have caught a couple of little emerging smiles.  She's playing a bit with her toys, but is still very weak.  We may even try a bit of puree today.

She still has to get off all her oxygen and be consistently drinking well before we can leave the hospital.  So those are the next goals.  But with the progress her miraculous little body seems to be making, I doubt it'll be too far off.

I am one grateful and happy mama.  I slept more than 6 hours last night and get to spend the rest of my time here snuggling up with my skinny little Bean.  Without all the panic and worry of the past few days.  So hopefully from here on out it'll just be a waiting game for her to improve enough to be released.

Again, thank you to everyone for all your love and support.  I know that it has made a world of difference.


  1. OH my goodness! I am just catching up, poor Cora! I am so sorry you all had to go through this, you must be emotionally exhausted! As a mom who has been there before, I know how hard it is! Praying that your little one gets well very soon.

  2. So happy to hear little bean is on the mend and momma is getting some sleep! Praying that she will be home soon (and you can file this away as a distant memory!).

  3. Glad to hear things are getting better :)

  4. Oh Leah, I am so glad to hear that Cora is doing so much better. She's quite the little fighter, isn't she? :) Give her a great big little squeeze from me.

  5. Praising God for such fabulous news. Continued prayers for you and your family always!


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