Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fattening Up

This little girlie is fattening up quite nicely.  We didn't weigh her today, but are thinking that she'll be back up to her 17ish pound self before very long indeed. 

Mum mums aren't very fattening, but they sure are fun to eat!

I think I may need to re-think how I am trying to motivate this girl to move.  Never what you'd call motor driven, since she's been sick and recovering she does NOT want to move.  Cue the little pouty lip, face planted on the hardwood floor, refusing to budge every time I put her down.  But let Daddy take out his favorite ice cream the other night and she suddenly threw herself toward him.  Since Coffee Heath Bar Crunch is not the best baby food, Cora got her own Coconut ice cream to enjoy with her Signing Time video.  Mmmm. 

Mmmm... ice cream and Hopkins!


  1. Coffee Heath Bar Crunch not for babies? Whatever do you mean? :-)

  2. This is the best news! So glad Cora is feeling better!

  3. Well if you give her some coffee ice cream, I bet she moves nonstop!

  4. haha - I'm with Megan!
    Is Daddy a coder?!

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