Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Not Quite Camera Ready

I've had some requests for pictures of Miss Cora.

I didn't take many of her in the last few days in the hospital, partly because I was too busy taking care of her to worry about pictures, and also because they just turned out horribly.

I hate to put up pictures of her looking so sad and so ill, but by request, here are a couple.

A couple days ago still in the hospital.  Sitting in the big-girl bed without her mama for a minute.  Legwarmers on arms and legs, IV in her forehead (before it infiltrated and caused her some major distress), and the hated nasal cannula still pumping in the oxygen.  Exhausted all around.

At home today, lying on the hardwood floor after her first real attempt at tummy time.  She did manage to army-crawl a few inches, then tired out and rolled over, looking up at me with this sad, tired, little Skinny Bean face.  At just about 16 pounds now, she's looking awfully thin and worn out.  I can't wait to put some meat back on these little bones.


The only half-smile I've caught on camera.  She will smile occasionally, but has not nearly regained her sassy little personality back.  We're still doing a lot of sitting and resting and watching her favorite show (Baby Signing Time is my hero, of course, and a bit of Elmo for variety).  I imagine I'll be having to work hard to un-spoil her once she's feeling better.

Can't wait to get her back to this...


  1. She does look thin...poor little bean! I'm sure now that she is home, she will recover much faster! So glad she is home!

  2. Oh, little Beanie! Feel better soon!

  3. so glad you all are home! I get the whole not taking pix in the hospital! not something I like to remember...I like the smile I get when we get home and Maddie gets all cuddle up to her brother and knows life is back to good! happy recovering for all of you! smiles

  4. XO to the little string bean! She still looks cute as can be, even when sick and in the hospital.

  5. I'm so glad you're home. Poor little girly looks so tired....and totally pooped in the hospital shot. She's still a cutie pie although thinner!

  6. I haven't been able to check up on your little Bean the last few days. I've been catching up on your posts from the last few days. I am so happy to read that she's home! I'm sure being home with lots of love from her mom and dad she'll be back to herself in no time!

  7. Sweet girl! I think snuggles and lots of spoiling by mom sounds about right after the past several days! You all need a spa weekend.


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