Friday, February 17, 2012

Slow Gains

Slow going over here.  They are gradually lowering the oxygen pressure and reducing the oxygen percentage.  Her Cpap treatments continue.  She's gradually improving with mostly good oxygen saturation (although just dipped a bit while I sit here).

But they still say that she could be intubated if things don't improve fast enough.

Sad for her, because this afternoon she finally woke up.  Woke up after being somewhat sedated and started to be herself.  Except that herself is pissed!  She talked a little and cried a lot.  Soothed by me yesterday, now she seems to want to nurse and is mad that I won't feed her.  Of course she is hungry, since she hasn't eaten since Wednesday, and even then only a small amount of nursing.  She hasn't had much since Sunday, actually.  I imagine she'll be a scrawny little Beanie when this is done.

But she can't have anything other than I.V. until they are certain she won't need intubation.  It could cause more aspiration and then we'd be starting all over.

So for her sake, I'm hoping her little body can kick it up a notch and speed things up so she can eat, get her energy back and be back on the way to wellness, health and her own home sweet home.

I leave you with the two of us snuggling in the crib this evening, trying to calm down my very unhappy girlie.

And to show how very cute she is, all a-mess and covered in stuff, here are some shots of her yesterday, rocking the chin band.  They tried this for awhile to see if it would help her close her mouth and breathe through her nose and help the cannula to work its high flow magic.  Since she's not wearing it today I guess it didn't dramatically improve things.

Nighty-night.  Fingers crossed for some good gains tonight.  Darn it her sleepy little oxygen sats are a bit low.  Pick it up little lungs!


  1. prayers and love your way, Cora Bean and mommy

  2. Saying prayers like crazy for your little one!! Hang in there mama, you are doing great.

  3. Our love and prayers your way. Cora is an amazing little girl, you an amazing mother. May God give you the heart warriors strength to Be Still and allow His good work. God bless you all!

  4. Thinking of you guys, praying for Cora to continue to improve so you can bust out of there soon!!

  5. I'm rooting for you Beanie! Can't wait for you to go home

  6. sending prayers your way. thanks for keeping all of us updated


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