Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Little Valentine's Gonna Make a Break For It

We're planning on getting out of the hospital here in a couple hours.  Things are going pretty well now.  She's nursing a little, and ate a little applesauce.  Her oxygen levels are good.

Yesterday evening her pain was not controlled well.  It seemed like the 4 hour dose would only hold for about 2 hours.  Her first nurse told us there was nothing they could do about it, but I had the second nurse call her surgeon for some additional meds.  They gave her a dose of morphine, which really did help manage her pain.  Even with only the one dose, her other pain med is now seeming to control things much better.  But she had a strange reaction to the morphine, causing thrashing and itching and all around restlessness into the wee hours of the morning.  She finally slept some, and today is napping, nursing for a minute or two at a time, watching Baby Signing Time (truly our saving grace) and fussing a bit.

She still freaks out when she takes her pain meds, but is overall doing much better.

Thanks for all your well wishes.  We'll be headed home soon to try and manage her pain there.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Oh yeah, I decided against posting her picture today.  The right side of her face is very swollen and red since she can't stop scratching it and she almost looks like she may be getting a bit of a shiner (or two).  She has definitely had better-looking days.  I promise to post some new pics soon.


  1. Good news, glad she's starting to feel better and Yay for getting to go home!

  2. Oh, sweet, sweet girl!!! Glad she's getting better, and so glad you get to go home!!!

  3. I'm sorry to read that Cora had a rough night but glad she can go home today!

    (Happy Valentine's Day Cora! Love, Ben )

  4. Sorry for the rough night, but glad things are looking up! I hope you are comfortably home now!

  5. Poor baby, glad you can go home and praying for a full recovery !

  6. Poor Cora :-(. Glad you get to go home and hoping the rest of her recovery is as pain-free as possible.

  7. Hope Cora is doing better now, poor little sweetheart. Happy Valentines day!


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