Friday, February 3, 2012

Sweet Naptime

Snuggling Cora into me after she finishes nursing, the afternoon sunlight peeping in through the tiny holes in the blinds, I watch her grin at me, roll away, then roll back and reach for my face.  She giggles and grabs my hand, peering into my eyes with pure glee.  Together, tucked into the covers, we are both safe, warm, sound... complete.  As the wind blows the branches outside; blowing, whistling, howling, we cuddle into one another.

Naptime, yet she's not even close to going to sleep.  I realize that typically this would frustrate me, hurrying her to sleep only to rush out to my work, my computer, making dinner, doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen or on an indulgent day, maybe sneaking a few pages in my Kindle.

But for now I hold her in and smell the sweetness of her baby shampoo.  I tickle my fingers up her sides, reveling in her laughter, even knowing I'm supposed to be putting her to sleep.

Uh oh.  Daddy comes in.  He's caught us.  Guess it's time he gets a crack at her.

The sounds from the bedroom are quieting.  Looks like Daddy has the trick after all.

Sleep well, baby girl.


  1. I love that time...right before nap...full belly. I actually indulged and napped with Hailey today. I now get to do a TON of stuff after bedtime but it was worth the snuggles! Love the pics! She is so animated!

  2. Melt my heart! What a sweet post and the pics of Cora are simply gorgeous.

  3. Leah, This is so beautifully written! There is nothing like cuddling with your baby!

  4. So sweet ... and Cora gets cuter with each blog post! I love the pony tail on the top of her head. :)

  5. Enjoy every single moment...It goes by so much quicker than you realize! I remember rocking my first baby to sleep Every. Single. Day...Even when he was a great big two year old! He is turning 15 soon :(


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