Thursday, February 16, 2012

Heading in the Right Direction

Things are improving here.  She is getting more stable.  The epinephrine nebulizer and the steroids seem to be helping reduce airway inflammation.  Her breathing is less labored.  Her little chest isn't sucking in and out nearly as much now.  Her O2 sats are mostly holding in the early 90s on 50% oxygen with a somewhat reduced flow.  The sedative-type drug (they explained it as calming her nervous system, rather than a true sedative or anti-anxiety med) is helping her to sleep. They haven't given any more narcotics, but are keeping her just on Tylenol.  She does have awfully pale skin for some unknown reason, but it seems likely it's from the meds.

She is waking up periodically and isn't very pleased with her situation, using every opportunity to try to grab the high-flow oxygen cannula off her sweet little face.

When she does open her little eyes half-mast, she looks around at us, questioning why the heck we're doing this to her.  Then with a little humming and patting, she goes back to sleep.

At the moment it looks like she's improving enough that intubation won't likely be necessary.  That's good, since it would further aggravate her little airway.

I think the best part is getting to snuggle her up in our laps, tubes, monitors and all, so that we can reassure her when she wakes up mad.  She seems to be much happier with the situation herself.

Thank you all for such kind thoughts and words and for so many prayers.  Little did I know that yesterday as I prayed that the swelling in her throat would get better, that this is what it would take.  But I am very grateful for the care that she is receiving and grateful that she is gradually improving.

Now we're hoping for the swelling to keep going down, for her fever not to go up, that her pain is kept under control, that she can rest, and for things to keep trending in the right direction.


  1. I'm so sorry you all are going through this, but glad to hear that she's doing better!! Sending thoughts and prayers to you all.

  2. Poor baby!!! She's looking pretty haggard in the photos so I am sooo glad she is doing better. I will miss you guys this weekend as I was looking forward to my baby fix. If you can't reschedule while I'm here, I guess I'll just have to come there for that fix. Love you guys. Hang in there.


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