Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Celebrate! 31 for 21

"Celebrate" was the theme last weekend.  After two long months without seeing my family, they came into town to walk with Team Cora Bean in the Buddy Walk.

Cora was a little shy at times, but seemed to know that the mood was festive, and she proved it by repeatedly showing off her brand new sign:   


There's no denying that she is ready to party when she makes this sign!

Cora with Grammie around the fire Saturday night, showing off her favorite new sign:  "Celebrate!"

So we followed Cora's lead and kept the party going as we celebrated all that her arrival into our lives has given us.

When Cora was first diagnosed with Down syndrome I had no way of knowing just how much we would soon have to celebrate.  Although at first it seemed like something to grieve, Down syndrome has undoubtedly brought something important into our lives.  Cora herself is our favorite part.  But with Cora has come new awareness, enlightening perspective, and immeasurable beauty.

It is because of Cora that we have come to know and love so many families who celebrate an individual with Down syndrome, so happy to be let in on the secret that Down syndrome is indeed a beautiful part of life.


So this weekend we celebrated.  Today I celebrate.  This month I celebrate all of the individuals with Down syndrome and their loved ones, and encourage you all to do the same.

Partying with Daddy.  This is what celebrating is all about!

Hamming it up for Grampie.  Grampie, Cora and a bag of silly hats:  priceless!


  1. looks like a future cheerleader with that new sign!!! too cute

  2. I LOVE that she signs celebrate! That is so awesome!

  3. Her eyes ,Oh my lordie ! Soooooooooo beautiful! She looks full of the dickens.

    1. why am I anonymouse its Joan Shull And that sweet little girl is my cuz.


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