Monday, October 29, 2012

The Cutest Little Clown - 31 for 21

You may remember that I love dressing up. Halloween has always been a favorite holiday around here, since I love having an excuse to pull out my old costume box and put together something new.

Last year Miss Cora was a ladybug, thanks to my crafty little glue gun and a few supplies.

This year I had something else in mind.  A clown.  But not just any clown.  The cutest little clown.  Taking some inspiration from Etsy, I made my own Beanie clown costume.  Onesie embellished by yours truly, the most adorable miniature hat (that wasn't as small as I thought it'd be once I put it on Cora's itty bitty head), tutu, little yarn hair falls, and some Etsy purchased leg warmers.

A couple days ago I put her in it just for photos and she had a complete meltdown.  So today I started Signing Time before I got her dressed. Genius.

Without further ado... I give you... my cutest little clown. 


Getting ready for our Halloween party on Sunday, I realized that I just couldn't go without my own costume.  So I pulled a few pieces from my costume box for my own understated clown to complement my girl.

And seriously!  My favorite Mom and Daughter picture ever!


  1. I used to think clowns were kind of scary, but no more- adorable!

  2. Such a cute picture of the two of you!! Cora's costume is adorable!!!

  3. Sooooo cute. The onesie. The hat. The legwarmers. The sweet smile! This post makes my heart happy. :)

  4. Her costume is soooo cute!!! and the picture of you two together is adorable!!

  5. Cora is the cutest clown ever! Happy belated Halloween!

  6. A clown. But not just any clown. The cutest little clown. Taking some ...


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