Saturday, October 6, 2012

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo! 31 for 21

I'm taking a Saturday break from too many thoughts or too many words.

Just wanted to share a few glimpses of our morning outing today.  Usually in October we'd be indulging in our Saturday ritual of coffee and bagels, but today with the sun shining bright, we ventured to the zoo.

This morning while talking about Cora's giant teddy bear (which she is afraid of, by the way), she signed "bear" for the first time.

So the bears were the first animals we visited.  She started out a little wary.

Then she started to get excited!

Then she showed off her new vocabulary by signing about it.  "Bear!"

She was so excited about the bears she even signed "bear" while watching the otters.

The sea lions were pretty amazing, as always.  The fish and the turtles too.

She was happy getting to pet the goats.  And she surprised us by "mooing" at the cows.

A glimpse of the regal she-lion, just for fun.

A great day for fun at the zoo!


  1. Good girl, Miss Cora, signing bear and mooing!

  2. What a cute picture of Miss Cora signing bear! :) The mooing is very impressive (we'd love something resembling mooing around here LOL). Way to go Miss Cora!

  3. Love the look on her face as she is signing bear...What a great smile :)

  4. I am always so impressed with Cora's signs! We have yet to take Ben to the zoo:(


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