Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gloomy - 31 for 21

Fall finally feels like it's arrived here in Portland.  Although the leaves have been changing for weeks now and the days have had that golden autumn glow, the temperatures have been warm and the skies have been blue. 

It's easy to be in a good mood when the days are like that around here.  That rare, fifth season that we too seldom get to see in the Pacific Northwest.  Lovely.

But yesterday the clouds rolled in and the rain started.  And somehow, with the arrival of the gray and the gloom my mood has decided to follow suit.

I'm not sure if Cora is finding my mood contagious or if I am reflecting hers, but she's a whiny, grumpy mess today, and I've been feeling less than patient.  I'm tempted just to whine along with her.  Even an early lunch out together at Whole Foods found me packing my salad to go while she threw everything I gave her on the floor, whining all the way. 

Always happy?  Nope.

But thankfully, I did have my one moment of bliss, when we took Cora swimming today.  Watching her speed around the fast-moving "river" with Daddy, shouting with joy, her arms in the air, again and again had me laughing out loud!  She had a ball in the water.

Now that we're back home, she's pulling on my leg, begging to type for me, griping away.  Guess I ought to go entertain her, although my low energy reserves won't allow for too much enthusiasm at the moment.

Off to make something warm as I watch the wind and the clouds outside. Hopefully tomorrow will bring new inspiration or at least an attitude adjustment.

In the meantime, I'll share a photo from a couple of days ago when the sun was shining bright.


  1. I can't grocery shop with Ben anymore. He too throws everything out of the cart.


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