Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Little Teacher - 31 for 21

Yesterday was pretty eventful for Miss Cora.

It started out with a blood draw.  There were days when I would dread this for weeks and cry on the way to the appointment.  Certainly on the way out.  Luckily, Cora's last few draws have been significantly less dramatic than some of the early ones.  Although at her new pediatrician's office yesterday it did take a little bit of digging around for her vein, poor thing.  Advocate mama bear that I am, I was ready to scoop her up and demand an order to the hospital lab if it had gone on much longer, but just then her little veins cooperated.

Of course, she was screaming.  And they had me hold her on my lap in a bear hug so she couldn't twist away.  Holding a screaming child while she's being tortured is no mother's cup of tea.

But once it was over, a few seconds of snuggles seemed to make it all okay.

And my lovely little girl, in her true precious fashion, smiled and waved at the phlebotomists as we walked out the door.  

Her tear stained little face told the story, but she walked out the door smiling and playing with her Big Bird sticker.  Talk about forgiveness.  Man, I need to learn a lesson or two from this girl.

It's incredible given all that she has been through: things that most of us would never want to experience.  And she's come through it all with such grace.  I'm so thankful for the lessons my daughter is teaching me.


  1. Ben is the same way:) He is due for a thyroid check next week:(

  2. Yes i totally agree that holding them while they are getting blood drawn is the.worst.thing.ever!!!!!

  3. Oh! Poor Cora! When Cal has his pre OHS labs it was so so horrible. I had to leave. :(

  4. It's always nice to have the blood work stuff done and over with isn't it! We are doing Russell's later today, hopefully it is uneventful.


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