Monday, October 21, 2013

Blog Hop- 31 for 21

3 on the 21st- A Down Syndrome Blog Hop
A truth.

My child is smartAnd she has Down syndrome.  And there is nothing contradictory about that.  She may do many things slowly and she may not yet use a lot of words, but she impresses me all the time with her ability to learn, communicate, and to show us how very capable she is. She is constantly teaching me  not to underestimate her.

A tip.

Making messes is a great way to learn.  Letting your kids play in leaves and dirt, spill flour all over the floor while helping you cook, and empty the drawers of all the Tupperware and lids may make way more work for you, but it makes for a really great way to learn about the world, to learn real-life skills.  And it makes things way more fun. Let your kids get messy a little more often than you think you have the patience for.  Then have them help clean it up. 

A photo (of the cutest girl in the world... and she knows it.)


  1. I love your tip........and I need to do it more often. Owen and I made a cake together (just from a box mix) and man did he have fun doing that. The countertop was a bit helter-skelter in the end, but it was fun to watch him dump the ingredients and try to use the whisk. I guess I need an apron for him like Cora has!!

  2. Love your truth and her face in that photo is too much! : )

  3. Amen, "Then have them help clean it up." If possible... ;-)


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