Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bringing Back Music- 31 for 21

Lately I've been listening to music more than I have in the last 10 years.  I'm not exactly sure why, but as my life got busier and more chaotic, gradually I found myself turning music off, perhaps confusing my coveted moments of silence for calm. 

But I've got my pint-sized music lover to thank for bringing back the songs.

Cora can't get enough music.  I love seeing her dance with her getting-my-groove-on face, complete with pursed lips, head a-boppin' and arms waving in the air.  We regularly pull out her box of instruments and bop around the living room, singing and dancing ourselves into silly fits of laughter.

Grooving to Tallulah's Daddy's music.

And beyond pure enjoyment, music seems to smooth out the edges for Cora.  It helps us get through our daily routines.  My little girl does not like self-care activities, like changing, getting dressed, getting groomed, getting in her high-chair/car-seat, or even eating meals a lot of the time.  But music seems to ease her frustration with those activities.  Whether we're streaming Raffi radio on Pandora or listening to something I've chosen, everything goes smoother when there is music involved.  And my picky little eater will often feed herself a whole meal if I turn on some tunes.

One of her very favorite activities is going to hear a live music show with her favorite kid's musician, Tallulah's Daddy.  Over the past year and a half or so we've been going to hear his shows as often as we can.  Cora loves his songs, his engaging demeanor, his daughter Tallulah, his ability to play multiple instruments (sometimes at the same time) and the chance to play instruments during the second half of his set.  I love the fact that he makes music accessible for everyone and really believes that everyone has the ability to make music.  And I am happy that our family has begun to consider his family friends.

So happy to be listening to Tallulah's Daddy sing!

With Cora in my life, I am learning how lovely it is to have a soundtrack smoothing out my days.  And I am so happy to see that she has such a musical little soul.

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  1. Awesome post, babe - I love the music theme... Keep up the great work ;-)


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