Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Days- 31 for 21

After the heavy rains of a few weeks ago, it felt like the Northwestern winter was here to stay with rain, rain and more rain.

But oh so happily, we have been gifted a string of gorgeous fall days, with bright blue skies, crisp mornings and surprisingly warm afternoons.

We've been taking Cora to the parks again, letting her kick through leaves, "run" from tree to tree, dig in the bark with sticks, and even going to an apple festival for some apple-tasting fun.  Although the lines were too long for us to wait for tastings, we saw some great music, bought some apples, and giddily watched Cora walk around the whole place.

She would usually hold one of our hands, or walk in between us, each of us taking one of her hands.  But just to see that she had the stamina, the ability and the interest!  It was pretty exciting.  The world is a new and glorious place when you can see it up close and personal and walk where you choose to, rather than being toted around in someone's arms or in a stroller.

She colored, picked out a pumpkin, looked at a lot of different apples, and bopped around to some tunes.  

She's getting quite a new perspective on life lately.

As much as I've always loved the rain, it is less enjoyable with a small one to wrangle.  So I am trying to soak up every minute of these gorgeous days, knowing all too well that they are way too fleeting.

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  1. That walking thing is huge.......everything changes! It's an amazing transformation and a fun one to watch. I love that grin of Cora's at the little pumpkin station.....she's a cutie.


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