Thursday, October 3, 2013

What's Your Name? 31 for 21

So this is what we've been doing around here.

A bunch of sickies, we are.  Nick, usually Mr. Strong Immune System, succumbed to a bug on Monday.  Yesterday Cora and I followed suit.

So we all spent yesterday huddled in our jammies, going through kleenex like water.  I think I have sneezed more than a thousand times.

But fortunately I managed to capture what I wanted to share with you before Cora got sick.

It's a little glimpse of her favorite game.  She saunters over to me and signs, "name."  So we play.  It allows her to use her very favorite word.

I'll let you see for yourself.  My silly little goose...


  1. I love it! Live action Cora! I hope that everyone feels better soon.

  2. Oh no! Not sick! Super cute video! Smiles

  3. That was SO cute. I love her little giggle.

  4. Oh my goodness ... her giggle! Love it!

  5. So cute!!! Love how she giggled after each name, lol


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