Friday, October 4, 2013

Some Things about Cora: 31 for 21

1.  She is slowly but surely getting more interested in walking.  She can walk across the room when she thinks it's fun, but still butt-scoots to get around a lot of the time.

2.  She is in the depths of the terrible twos, largely letting her frustrations out at the obvious person: me.  "It's a good thing she's so stinking cute" is a phrase I say quite often.

3.  She is still in love with sign language.  She signs in sentences, although when she goes so fast it can be hard to follow her.  Then she gets frustrated.  It's especially cute when she signs the songs that are running through her head and gets others to join in.

4.   She has 10 teeth and is cutting 4 more.  Her dentist is hopeful that she'll get all her baby teeth.  The only ones that are really questionable are her 2 front teeth.  Fingers crossed.  It's hard to eat like a big girl with so few teeth.

5.  She has hair!  The girl that had more hair at birth than I expected was pretty sparse for a long time.  Then after 2 she really got hair!  Of course, she usually styles it with yogurt.  Pretty, pretty.

6.  She wants to be a big sister.  At least she tells us so with sign language.  She signs sister, smiles and points to herself.  I'm pretty sure she has no real idea what she's asking for.

7.  She loves her babies.  She loves to rock, kiss and sing to them. She always sings the same song, although I'm not sure what song that is.   Even when she signs "baby" she rocks, kisses her arms and sings.  It melts me every time.

8.  She loves to tell jokes.  She will sign "boots" then shake her head no, as she points to your chest.  "Not boots... BOOBS!"  Maybe not a joke that's appropriate for all company, but hey!  And sometimes when you ask if her name is Cora, she will sign "corn" and then laugh.

9.  She loves to read.  LOVES to read.  She loves to peruse her books, carrying them across the room so we can read out loud to her.  She loves to read out loud to us, babbling along, pointing at words and pictures.  And of course, she is learning to sight-read as well.

10.   She is finally coming around to our cats.  She yells "Izzy!" quite often, and scoots around looking for our sweet little kitty.  She will actually pet her and talk to her, which is pretty good for Cora, since she's always been nervous around animals.  But get her around any other cats, and she gets pretty upset.

11.    She loves to play the stinky feet game.  Even half asleep, she'll bring her toes up to your face and yell, "Stinky!" (which sounds like "aaaah, deeek!") as she waves her hand in front of her nose and then pinches it.

12.    She loves the iPad, the laptops, the remote controls and the cell phones.  Just like all 2 year olds seem to.  She's getting pretty good at maneuvering her way around them too.

13.   She loves to get dizzy.  She'll spend an hour in her swing if we let her, spinning around the back-yard signing "more", "fast", and "go", while giggling maniacally.

14.  She loves her family.  She loves to point to pictures of her relatives, to talk to them on the phone for real or pretend.  She is a very loved little girl and she gives lots of good love back.

15.  She loves to color and draw.  She points to her art kit and signs "color" and off she goes.  But she hates to finger paint.



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