Friday, October 11, 2013

What's on your Face? 31 for 21

Down syndrome awareness month has been keeping me thinking, but sometimes you just feel like lightening things up.  So today I offer a little glimpse of my recent entertainment, courtesy of the Beanie One.

I was sitting across from Cora the other night as she finished her dinner.  Nick had already cleared our empty bowls and put away the minestrone that his mother used to make.

Cora of course ate only bread and yogurt, since eating well-rounded meals has never been her forte.

At this point she was feeding herself the yogurt, and she looked a lot like this (swap a white beard for the brown one here).

Then she tired of feeding herself and handed me her spoon.  I fed her a few bites and then casually dotted some yogurt on my upper lip and looked at her.

She immediately started signing yogurt and pointing to my face.

"What?" I said.  "What do you see?"  She kept signing and pointing at me, expressing her disapproval.

I fed us each another bite, then applied another glob to my right cheek.  She looked at me completely shocked, obviously wondering how I could be so messy.

By my parents' account I was the messiest child around.  They tell of the shower curtain they put under my highchair that needed cleaning several times a day.  Even now I'm not the neatest person when it comes to food.  I wear an apron in the kitchen for a very good reason.  A visit with my best friend wouldn't be complete without her pointing out a spot of food on my face or clothing.  Somehow my usual dirty apron or speck of avocado on my chin doesn't phase Cora, but this certainly did.

Of course, the fact that she had yogurt streaked from her hair to her chest wasn't worth noticing.

My funny, observant little girl.  She certainly doesn't miss much.


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