Friday, October 25, 2013

My New Love- 31 for 21

This weekend has been quite the milestone for my girlie and me.

It is our first separation for more than a few short hours.  I got a little panicky in the hours before leaving, but once I was on the road that feeling mostly subsided.  I think I am having a little easier time with the transition than Miss Cora is.

Perhaps I should feel guilty, but I've been having an awfully nice time.

While Cora is at home, hanging out with her Daddy and my friend Christine, I imagine she is doing something like this.  Or putting on her socks, taking them off, then putting them on again.  Or hanging out in the swing. 

Playing with her baby.

Singing and signing to her baby.

But I am the lucky one, because even though I am missing my girl, I am getting some good time with these two beautiful girls.

My baby sister Mira now has a baby of her own.  Sweet little Carys Saige is perfection in the cutest little package.  I am soaking up every minute of the cuddles and coos of my newest little love.

Another 48 hours and I'll be leaving these two behind to go tell Cora all about her newest baby cousin.  What a lucky girl I am.

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